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03/10/11 08:25 PM #1    

Weaver Class (1970)

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09/10/15 01:41 PM #2    


Jeffrey Simpson

Thank you sooo much for sharing pictures of the event. I truly regret my absence; however what a beautiful 84 page down memory lane it allowed me.

GOD bless all of you in attendance as well as those that were not.

Jeff. Simpson



09/11/15 10:43 AM #3    

Betty Darby (Jackson)

I am so glad that I attended our 45th class reunion..It was an amazing event and I must say, well organized!!! It was a journey I will never forget..The photos are priceless, and .everyone looked great and so full of life..That's what we represent as proud Weaver Beavers...But on another note, it was so real, to know that so many of us are not here anymore...We are truly blessed to still be here and understand that God has given us a chance to "Live, Love & Laugh"...

Jeffrey Simpson, you can catch the next one coming up in  5 years....:-)


Peace & Blessings


Betty Darby Jackson

09/12/15 12:19 PM #4    


Jeffrey Simpson

oooh Betty; no you didn't.

GOD willing; you're on...5yrs  8-)

09/13/15 10:35 AM #5    

Betty Darby (Jackson)

Jeff, LOL!!!...God willing I will C U there....:-)

09/26/15 10:53 AM #6    


Frances E. Ellison (Arango)

Well Done 45th Class Reunion Committee! I enjoyed looking at the photos and smiling when I could call out names. Betty, you and Renee were one of the names I could call...

 I  Hope and Pray to see everyone at some other event. May God Continue to Bless You!





09/29/15 02:52 PM #7    

Salvatore Malgioglio

I am so sorry for missing all my class reunions,but you can bet that I will (god willing) make the 50th. I will be checking for up coming events and when I am back in Hartford I will make it my business to attend. The photos were great .I wish to thank Patricia Cotton and Renee Evans for keeping me informed.

My best wishes to all my  Weaver high classmates of 1970

Salvatore (sal) Malgioglio  

02/26/16 12:08 PM #8    


Jeffrey Simpson

I blew it again. Was coming (Valentines Celebration) to combine w/my birthday and allowed time/flight reservation to slip by. Keep event planning; I'll make one (this yr) yet. I know...excuses, excuses 8-).


05/24/18 04:42 PM #9    


William Carboni

I'm old!  I'm cranky!  But man am I looking forward to 2020!  Was saddened to see so many of us who have passed or remain unaccounted for.  My wife and I have planted roots in Florida.  We're about an hour from Disney and an hour and a half from Daytona Beach.  Once you get used to the hurricane season, this place isn't half bad.  Alice and I have had our six kids leave the nest one by one and now we've replaced them with six horses.  Fair trade.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2020. cool

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